Our Mission

Bringing producers into new markets.
Paying fair prices for their goods.
Sharing profits with producers.

At CocoMiel, our mission is to bring Guatemalan producers of agricultural and handmade products into the U.S. marketplace, where they can gain access to a greater share of the profits earned from their products. We accomplish this through a two-pronged approach designed to maximize the profits producers earn on their products:

The CocoMiel Premium:

In order to ensure that our producer partners receive fair payment for their products, we pay them a premium on the products we import into the U.S. This premium is slightly different for each product but is on average 20-25% above the fair-trade and organic premiums for the same products.

Sharing Profits with Producers:

Agricultural producers throughout the world receive a tiny fraction of the price their products earn in the marketplace. Most often they live in poverty despite the skill and hard labor required to produce their products for the world to enjoy.  We believe that producers should be rewarded in relation to the value their products create in the marketplace and should share in the retail and wholesale profits their products earn there. That’s why in addition to the CocoMiel Premium we pay them, we split our gross profits for each product 50/50 with all our producer partners.