Working with Producers

CocoMiel creates informal partnerships with some of the best Guatemalan coffee, honey, and cacao producers in Latin America to bring them into the world marketplace and share in the profits that their products earn there.

Our profit-sharing model was established to break some of the barriers that prevent Latin American producers from entering the world marketplace and from earning their fair share of the profits generated by their products.

CocoMiel was created by Bill Fishbein, Founder and Executive Director of nonprofit organization The Coffee Trust, out of a deep desire for coffee and other producers to earn an income commensurate with the respect they have earned in the specialty coffee arena for their hard work, their creativity, their intelligence, and for bringing forth some of the world’s finest quality products.

At CocoMiel, profit sharing means that we guarantee producers a base price at least 25% above the Fair Trade Organic price (FTO) paid in advance and in addition, we share our gross profits equally with producers. We pay our expenses out of our share of the profits, and contribute the balance to The Coffee Trust for projects that benefit the original producers.