152 lb bags @ $3.30/lb FOB Oakland Annex
(All full bags are shipped in GrainPro bags.)

Thanks for your order of Green Coffee produced by Asociación Chajulense in San Gaspar Chajul, Guatemala. Cape Horn Coffee finances, imports and stores the coffee for CocoMiel at the Oakland Annex. Cape Horn handles all full bag purchases of Chajulense coffee. Cape Horn will also invoice you directly for your full bags purchases. Once paid, Cape Horn will send a check to CocoMiel. CocoMiel will then share its gross profits equally with the producers and The Coffee Trust. (See the details below.) Partial bags may be purchased and paid for online.

CocoMiel and Cape Horn Coffee need the form below completed to create a confirmation of sale.

Cost Breakdown:
$1.90/lb FTO Organic Guatemala
$.50/lb Additional Producer Premium Paid in Advance to Asociación Chajulense
$.30/lb Import Fee and Shipping from Guatemala to Oakland
$.50/lb CocoMiel Profit to be shared Equally with Asociación Chajulense*   
$.10/lb Admin Fee for CocoMiel
=$3.30/lb Your cost FOB Oakland

  • After CocoMiel has shared its profits equally with Asociacíon Chajulense, the lion’s share of CocoMiel’s net profits will be contributed to The Coffee Trust to fund any number of projects that support coffee producers and their families in the coffee farming regions surrounding San Gaspar Chajul.
  • Cape Horn Warehouse & Finance Fees are $0.03/lb/month.

    Once you complete and submit the following form, Cape Horn Coffee will contact you to finalize any further arrangements. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact Bill Fishbein ([email protected] or 505-690-5834), or Joe Bettinger at Cape Horn Coffees ([email protected]).
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